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Videoconferencing - live communication from a distance

Today, the video conference is considered the best option for organizing quality communication at a distance. You have not use this method of communication yet? We made this site so you can familiarize yourself with the advantages of videoconferencing, as well as products and solutions that our company offers.

Information security - myth or reality

There are so many things we do every day on the Internet: book airline tickets or vacation, carry out bank transfers even do a weekly online market.
Now in our home can not only come through the door. Many of the threats lurking in our Internet and not opportunity but responsibility to protect your online world - and our whole family.

Unified Communications - voice, presence and more

The need for high quality communications solution grow with the expansion of business. In an effort to get closer to their customers, many companies open offices, reception areas and offices where personnel must constantly be in relation to a central unit in order to do an adequate job.

Information Technology - or how things work together

In today's connected world, the role of companies engaged in system integration and engineers in this field is more important - to design and develop more systems to be connected together

Because we can!

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